When it comes to family, it’s all-for-one and one for all. If one member of the family or community is struggling, everyone is. Having dealt with psychiatric disorders in his personal life after his son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Ted Stanley, the founder of the Danbury Mint, knew he wanted to help as many patients as possible. His son, Jonathan, had responded well to his treatment and went on to become a successful lawyer.

Stanley wanted others to have the same kind of success that his son had. However, because not everyone responds the same way to treatment, he knew a major effort would be required in support of his goal. He thus founded the Stanley Family Foundation to fund research that would reduce the burden of serious mental illness


The Stanley Family Foundation is the majority shareholder of our company. Top scientists in the field of genetics and neurobiology rely on the funding from The Stanley Family Foundation to finance their research. Over half of the Danbury Mint’s profits support mental illness research, $150+ million to date. We are committed to the continued fight to help the 12.8 million Americans living with a severe mental illness.

Join all of us at the Danbury Mint in this important fight.