24kt Gold-Highlighted Buffalo Nickel
Over 75% Off
Gold Enhanced US Coins 11130 0018 b showpack
Gold Enhanced US Coins 11130 0018 b showpack
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24kt Gold-Highlighted Buffalo Nickel

Over 75% Off
An American treasure layered in 24 kt gold…
  • Special offer! You can own this limited edition coin for only $9.95 — with FREE SHIPPING! — that's over 75% off the regular price and a remarkable value for this important historic coin.
  • The Buffalo Nickel, designed by noted sculptor James Earle Frasier, was last minted in 1938 and today is nearly impossible to find!
  • The coin is presented in collectible circulated condition with most major details visible, lavished with precious 24kt gold and sealed in a premium collector case with customized insert.
  • With your purchase, you will be enrolled in the Gold-Enhanced Historic American Coins program granting you the opportunity — but never the obligation — to purchase other gold-enhanced classic American coins at the regular price of $39.95 per coin (plus $5.95 shipping and service each).
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Don’t miss this opportunity to collect one of the most coveted U.S. coins layered in lustrous 24kt gold! Limit one order per household. Satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Product Specifications:
Coins Included: One Buffalo Nickel Enhanced with 24kt Gold
Display Material: Wooden
Display Size: Approximately 7-1/2" Long x 6-1/4" Wide x 4-1/4" Tall

Item #:11130-0018