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Dorothy by Steiff®

Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz!

Dorothy is lovingly handmade of silky, cream-colored mohair and her dainty nose and mouth are skillfully stitched by hand. And like all superbly made teddies, she's fully jointed, so you can display her in any number of poses.

This darling bear is easily recognizable as Steiff's® skilled craftsmen have lavished attention to each and every detail of Dorothy's attire. Of course, no portrayal of Dorothy would be complete without her sparkling ruby red slippers, accepted with matching bows, inspired by the famous originals.

A music box is concealed inside the bear plays one of the most memorable songs every composed for a movie score! At the simple turn of the key in the bear's back, you'll hear the enchanting melody of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
$299 +$10 Shipping & Service
5 Monthly Installments of $61.80

Strictly limited edition.

Of course, Dorothy exhibits the historic Steiff white Button-in-Ear tag. This coveted emblem ensures she's a true, limited-edition Steiff creation.

Production was strictly limited to 2013, the 75th anniversary year.

Product Information

  • 2927-0014
Measures 13" standing. 75thAnniversary

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