The Lord is My Strength Diamond Ring Pendant

The Lord is My Strength Diamond Ring Pendant

A wearable reminder of your faith…
  • A striking men's pendant featuring a 23kt gold-plated band ring hung from a 23kt gold-plated chain.
  • Gleaming black crystals decorate the band of the ring.
  • Each side of the bail features a handsome cross design, each set with one genuine diamond.
  • For a powerful finishing touch, the inside of the ring's band is inscribed with the sentiment "The Lord is my strength."
  • Never forget your source of strength with this unique new design to honor your faith.  
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Genuine diamonds, black crystals, and sleek 23kt gold plating converge in a modern design.
The people in your life have always looked to you for strength and support. Family, friends, and colleagues know that you’re a man of faith, and your word is as good as gold. But who do you look to, deep in your heart when times are tough? None other than the Lord Himself, the greatest source of inspiration and truth. He guides your way and leads you along the path of eternal life.

Now, from the Danbury Mint, comes a diamond ring pendant designed to be a meaningful and lasting reminder of the Lord’s power and saving hand. Introducing…The Lord is My Strength Diamond Ring Pendant.

Product Specifications:
Material: 23kt Gold-plated
Stones: Diamonds, Black Crystals
Size: Pendant is 1-1/8" Long; Chain is 22" Long
Packaging: Signature Keepsake Pouch

Item #:10415-0016