Eternal Radiance

Eternal Radiance

Eternal Radiance
A beautiful replica of a rare orange sapphire and diamond ring that recently sold for over $50.000!

Buried under ground on an Irish estate, the ring laid undiscovered for years. Then, in a stroke of unbelievable luck, it was unearthed during construction work as sunlight struck its astounding natural pink-orange color for the first time in years. When the ring was presented in New York by Heritage Auctions, most experts presumed it would do well. But even the most optimistic were surprised when the bids for the rare orange sapphire and diamond ring ran up to nearly $60,000 before the final gavel fell!

Now, our master jewelers have created an ultra-authentic replica of this history making jewelry masterpiece – and it can be yours to treasure for just $99!

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Item #:4651-0012