The Rainbow Tennis Bracelet

The Rainbow Tennis Bracelet

The Rainbow Tennis Bracelet
A dazzling showcase of color.
  • Radiant with an endless rainbow of over 50 emerald-cut simulated gemstones in every hue under the sun: champagne, peridot, garnet, aquamarine and so much more!
  • Showcased within a gleaming 14kt gold-plated setting and elegantly framed with over 200 icy-white simulated diamonds.
  • A mesmerizing statement piece that adds a chic accent to any attire.
  • Available exclusively from the Danbury Mint.
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Sorry, this product is sold out and is no longer available.
  • Sorry - this product is sold out and is no longer available.

The magical beauty of one of nature's most fleeting moments…
The unexpected appearance of a bright and beautiful rainbow has the power to leave one breathless in its presence. Shimmering in the sky, this heavenly treasure is a delight to discover even if it lasts for just a few seconds. Now, the awe-inspiring beauty of a rainbow is uniquely conveyed in an equally enchanting jewelry treasure you can enjoy always.

Rival the splendor of a genuine rainbow with over 50 simulated gemstones in every color under the sun! Radiating with the vibrant hues of champagne, peridot, amethyst and more, this exquisite treasure is utterly captivating. Each vivid sparkler is showcased within a glistening 14kt gold-plated setting and embraced on top and bottom with icy-white simulated diamonds — over 200 in all! The bracelet is a true masterpiece of design!

Product Specifications:
Material: 14kt Gold-Plated
Stones: Simulated Diamonds, Simulated Gemstones
Sizes: 7-1/2" Long
Packaging: Signature Keepsake Pouch

Item #:10290-0016