Everlasting Faith Lord's Prayer Bangle

Everlasting Faith Lord's Prayer Bangle

An elegant bangle designed with a Mobius twist and engraved with the Lord's Prayer.
  • This elegant silver-colored bangle is engraved with the entirety of the Lord's Prayer.
  • The bangle is designed with a Mobius twist - a never-ending loop that gracefully curves, shifting from inside to out and back again in one uninterrupted form - the perfect symbol of your everlasting faith in the Lord.
  • The face of the bangle features a small engraving of a cross, set with a genuine diamond for a perfect finishing touch.
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Engraved with the entirety of the Lord’s Prayer!

Few things influence a woman’s life as much as her faith in God. It guides her every decision, from the personal to the professional, and gives her a sense of purpose that cannot be found anywhere else. And no matter what obstacles might come in her way, she knows that her unwavering devotion to the Lord will carry her through.

Now there is an exquisite jewelry creation that perfectly symbolizes the power of faith and displays it in a breathtaking new way. Presenting…the Everlasting Faith Lord’s Prayer Bangle, available exclusively from the Danbury Mint.

Jewelry Specifications:

Material: Rhodium-plated, Silver-tone
Stone: Diamond
Size: 8" Inside Circumference
Packaging: Signature Keepsake Pouch

Item #:6063-0019