My Daughter Forever Floral Ceramic Vase

My Daughter Forever Floral Ceramic Vase

Featuring gorgeous flowers that will bloom forever.
  • A ceramic vase decorated with gorgeous sculpted pink flowers and purple butterflies, symbolizing her wonderful journey through her life so far.
  • A vibrant green “vine” handle emerges from the side of the vase.
  • As the perfect finishing touch, the word “Forever” is written in delicate script on the front to serve as a reminder of your eternal bond.
  • This vase gleams with the colors of the rainbow when the sunlight hits—a magical effect that is sure to inspire awe in all who see it!
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A beautiful gift that is eternally in bloom!

Although your daughter has grown, she’ll never outgrow the warmth of your embrace and the treasured memories of being your little girl. Over the years, you’ve given her gifts that have been thoughtful and filled with love. Now, you can touch her heart once again with a gift that will show her that your love for her will last forever! Presenting the My Daughter Forever Floral Ceramic Vase, available exclusively from the Danbury Mint. This stunning, heirloom- quality piece will look lovely displayed in any room, and will remind your daughter of your love throughout the day.

Product Specifications:

Material: Ceramic
Size: 7-1/8" Tall

Item #:6113-0019