Seasonal Sensations Monthly Pillow Collection

Seasonal Sensations Monthly Pillow Collection

Irresistible pairs of decorative pillows featuring beautiful monthly-themed artwork...
  • The perfect accent pillows for enchanting interior design all year long.
  • Brimming with color and charm, each set of pillow covers captures the essence of a different month.
  • Each pillow cover is a classic square with artistic creations that represent the spirit and excitement of every month.
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Now available for pre-order. Ships Sep 2022.
  • Now available for pre-order
Stunning pillows with gorgeous designs.

Do not miss the opportunity of owning this stunning collection of pillow covers. Best of all, you will receive two 100% down pillows FREE with your first set of monthly pillow covers. Specially sized to complement the pillow designs, simply unzip the covers of your choice and insert these wonderful soft pillows.

What’s more, you will also receive a FREE storage box to protect your pillow covers and keep them in pristine condition all year.

Product Specifications:

Material:  Pillows - 100% Down, Pillow Covers - 100% Polyester
Size: 14" x 14"
Packaging: Storage Box 

Item #:4465-0018