A Year of Cheer Hand Towel Collection

A Year of Cheer Hand Towel Collection

12 pairs of matching hand towels with colorful seasonal designs.
Featuring a matching pair of hand towels for each month, this collection makes it easy to bring a splash of seasonal excitement to your kitchen or bathroom, any and every day.

Using the current month's towels to bring the season to life is just one way to enjoy these fabulous towels. Display the August-themed towels with their tropical paradise motif when you need some sunshine on a cold winter day, or put different towels throughout your house to give each room its own themed décor!

To ensure your fantastic hand towels are up to the task, each soft and supple towel is 100% pure cotton and machine washable.
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$29.95 per set of 2 towels
You will receive and pay for 1 set of 2 towels each month.
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A bonus pair of towels personalized with your name!
Order now and you'll receive a FREE pair of hand towels personalized with your name!  The perfect addition to your Year of Cheer Hand Towel Collection, the cheerful pattern on these soft, supple towels will brighten your mood and perfectly complement any room!

In addition, we'll include a FREE custom crafted storage box to store your hand towels when not in use. 

A Year of Cheer Hand Towel Collection can be yours for just $29.95 per towel set, plus $4.95 shipping and service. You'll receive and pay for a new pair each month until your collection is complete.

Product Specifications:
Material: 100% Pure Cotton
Size: 22" Long

Item #:4824-0022