The Jesus Sacred Heart Clock

The Jesus Sacred Heart Clock

A remarkable, hand-painted sculpture of Christ in an inspirational timepiece.

Few images compare with the power and devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ever since He appeared to Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque in the 17th century, Christians the world over have treasured this moving reminder of Christ’s divine love and sacrifice for us.

Indeed, by placing our faith in Christ’s infinite wisdom and God’s plan for us, He reminds us that we can always find refuge in His generous and forgiving heart.

Now you can bring the magnitude of His profound mercy and compassion into your home. Presenting… The Sacred Heart of Jesus Clock, a magnificent hand-painted sculpture of Jesus as the Sacred Heart, featuring a meticulously crafted timepiece and a genuine Swarovski heart-shaped crystal, available exclusively from the Danbury Mint.
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Masterfully crafted and accented with a GENUINE, heart-shaped Swarovski crystal!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Clock is masterfully rendered in cold-cast porcelain, a medium preferred by skilled artists for its ability to capture every subtle detail. Then, our artisans lovingly hand paint each magnificent sculpture with rich, glorious color. From the wise look on Christ’s noble face, to the delicate rays of gold emanating from his heart, to the lifelike folds in his ample robes, you will be amazed by the meticulous attention to detail. What’s more, a glistening, ruby-red genuine Swarovski crystal is carefully set in place on Jesus’s chest to represent His Sacred Heart.

As the perfect finishing touch, this masterpiece includes an exquisite crystal backdrop inset with the elegant clock. The crystal is etched with a Bible passage that will fill you with hope and comfort: “He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The easy-to-read clock features elegant Roman numerals and a precision quartz movement for incredible accuracy (battery included). A handsome wooden base with a rich walnut finish completes this grand presentation.

Product Specifications:

Measures approximately 11 ½” tall.

Item #:5655-0015