U.S. Presidents Enhanced $2 Bill Collection

U.S. Presidents Enhanced $2 Bill Collection

Each U.S. President has shaped America to become the country it is today. Now you have the historic opportunity to commemorate our country’s highest office with a collection of exquisite genuine $2 bills mounted on fact-filled Collector Panels. Proudly presenting…the U.S. Presidents Enhanced $2 Bill Collection.

Each pristine, uncirculated bill is privately colorized to commemorate a different president. It is then skillfully mounted by hand on an intricate, fact-filled Collector Panel for easy viewing. Each bill also includes the facsimile signature of that president!

This is truly a one-of-a-kind collection you will be proud to own now and pass along to future generations.
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$0 for your first bill
Thereafter, you will receive and pay for 2 bills each month.
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A lasting treasure is yours to claim!
Each eye-catching enhanced $2 bill is genuine U.S. legal tender – but these breathtaking works of art cannot be found at any bank – not even the Federal Reserve! Beginning with crisp, pristine bills selected from sealed uncirculated packs – direct from the Department of the Treasury – each note is privately colorized to become a full-color, heirloom-quality work of art. Each $2 bill is then protectively encapsulated and mounted by hand on a fact-filled Collector Panel, allowing you to examine every minute detail without fear of dust or damage.

After receipt of your first $2 bill, you will receive and pay for bills at the convenient and affordable rate of two per month. The price is just $19.95 per bill (plus $2.95 shipping and service). Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you are not absolutely delighted, you may return any shipment for replacement or refund within 90 days. You may cancel your subscription at any time, with no further obligation.

A FREE custom Collector’s Album is included to handsomely display and protect your collection. It will be sent around the same time as your second shipment.

Product Specifications:
Album measures 10” x 12”.

Item #:5921-0013