The Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels Collection

The Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels Collection

The Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels Collection
An exceptional collection of ten rarely seen U.S. coins.
  • 10 coveted uncirculated Buffalo nickels, each from a different year of issue between 1913 and 1938.
  • Each Buffalo nickel in this collection is in magnificent uncirculated condition.
  • Each coin is individually encapsulated and presented in a sophisticated faux-leather panel that identifies the date of issue and the coin's uncirculated condition.
  • The deluxe wooden display case with lockable glass lid, is included at no additional charge and is the perfect way to enjoy and safeguard your collection.
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10 spectacular uncirculated Buffalo Nickels — including the first in 1913 and the last in 1938!
Buffalo nickels were minted during one of the most turbulent and trying times in American history. First issued in 1913 shortly before World War I, they were the nation’s nickels during the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. Most Buffalo nickels were heavily used and became badly worn out long ago, leaving just a portion in uncirculated condition.

Incredibly, a small number of uncirculated Buffalo nickels have survived — with all the same sharp details as the day they were minted. What’s more, the coins in this magnificent collection span the history of the Buffalo nickel, from the historic first year of issue more than a century ago in the final year of issue in 1938.

Uncirculated Buffalo nickels reveal the exquisite artwork and fine details that make them one of the most celebrated designs in coinage history. Just a tiny fraction of all coins remain in such amazing condition, yet your collection includes TEN such coins!

Each uncirculated Buffalo nickel is individually housed in a clear protective capsule and elegant, faux-leather panel that identifies the coin’s year of issue and its rarely seen uncirculated condition. Each coin is a genuine treasured collector’s item in its own right, and together they create a collection of unprecedented meaning, beauty and importance.

The collection also comes with a deluxe wooden display case at no additional charge. Featuring a lockable glass lid for added security, the case allows the full collection to be admired whether the lid is open or closed. It is the perfect way to showcase and safeguard the collection for generations to come.

Product Specifications:
Coins Included: Ten uncirculated Buffalo Nickels minted between 1913 and 1938.
Display Material: Wooden
Display Size: 15" Long x 7" Deep x 4 3/4" High (closed)

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