1883 Racketeer Liberty Head Nickel Set

1883 Racketeer Liberty Head Nickel Set

Own one of the most notorious coins ever minted!
  • Featuring an original 1883 “No Cents” Liberty Head Nickel richly layered by the Danbury Mint in 24kt gold - just like the “Racketeer” nickels that stopped the U.S. Mint in its tracks over 135 years ago.
  • Also included is an 1883 “With Cents” Liberty Head Nickel that replaced the “Racketeer” Nickel just a few weeks later.
  • Each coin is in very good circulated condition with most major design details visible and is protectively encapsulated in crystal-clear cases, allowing you the opportunity to safely examine both the front and back of the coins.
  • A custom-crafted wooden display chest with locking lid included at no additional charge.
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Legendary coins minted more than 135 years ago showcased in a deluxe wooden display chest.

Over 135 years ago in 1883, a nickel ignited a scandal that rocked the nation and forced the U.S. Mint to change the coin’s design almost immediately. The original 1883 Liberty Head Nickel was issued without the word “Cents” on the coin. Con men gold-plated the coins and passed them off as new $5 gold pieces. The 1883 Liberty Head Nickel and the $5 gold coin of this era were almost identical in size, so it was easy to mistake a gold-plated “No Cents” nickel for a $5 gold coin. The scam was shut down just weeks later when “Cents” was added to the reverse design. As a result, the “No Cents” nickel is one of the most notorious and scarce coins in U.S. history! Only about 25 percent of the first-year 1883 coins are the “No Cents” variety, and most of these coins were worn out in circulation or destroyed over a century ago. The few remaining coins are prized for their stunning history and their unique place in one of the most captivating tales in American coinage.

Known as the “Racketeer” nickel because of its notorious place in history, the original Liberty Head Nickel is now a legendary collector’s item — but it was made for such a short time that it is becoming virtually impossible to find even a single coin. You are now invited to own an original 1883 Liberty Head Nickel, richly layered in 24kt gold by the Danbury Mint, that caused one of the most embarrassing events in coinage history, along with the coin that replaced it. Presenting…The 1883 “Racketeer” Liberty Head Nickel Set, available exclusively from the Danbury Mint and housed in a deluxe wooden display chest at no additional charge.

Product Specifications:

Coins Included: 1883 "No Cents" Liberty Head Nickel, 1883 "With Cents" Liberty Head Nickel
Display Size: 7" Wide x 5-1/2" Deep x 3" Tall (closed).
Display: Wooden

Item #:6059-0015