The Complete Ben Franklin Half Dollars Collection

The Complete Ben Franklin Half Dollars Collection

The Complete Ben Franklin Half Dollars Collection
America's last coin series struck entirely in 90% silver…
  • A spectacular, complete collection of 16 historic Franklin Half Dollars minted in 90% silver, one from each year of mintage.
  • First introduced in 1948, the Franklin Half Dollar broke new ground by becoming the first circulating silver coin to depict a person from history other than a president.
  • Perfect for any home or office, a handsome rotating wooden display is included at no additional charge to protect and showcase your collection.
  • Limited quantities — order soon!  
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$59.95 per coin
You will receive 2 coins every other month and pay for 1 coin each month.
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Magnificent coins in a unique rotating wooden display!
First minted in 1948, the silver Franklin Half Dollar was the largest silver coin of its era…and the last circulating U.S. coin series made entirely in 90% silver! Remarkably, each coin in this extraordinary collection is in gently circulated condition with most major design details visible. The price is subject only to possible adjustment if needed for unusual market conditions.

The complete collection is showcased in a custom-crafted display that you will receive at no extra cost at about the same time as your second shipment. Best of all, the unique wooden display rotates for easy viewing — and it features four hinged magnetic doors for convenient access to your treasured collection. Each side also includes one of Benjamin Franklin's most iconic quotes, perfectly capturing the genius of one of America's most famous and influential colonial statesman.

Product Specifications:
Coins Included: 16 Franklin Half Dollars, one from each year of mintage.
Display Material: Wooden
Display Size: 6-1/2" Long x 6-1/2" Deep x 9-1/4" Tall.

Item #:1797-0062