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Uncirculated Classic American Coins

10 must-have coins, presented in uncirculated condition.

Coins struck by the United States Mint are intended to be released into circulation – but on rare occasions in the timeless era when silver was king, a few coins were set aside before they could make their way into pockets and purses. It is these seldom-seen coins in uncirculated condition which are increasingly harder to find. Most collectors would consider it a major achievement to own just one or two of these classic coins.

Now, you can own Uncirculated Classic American coins, an unrivaled collection of the ten essential U.S. coins every collector needs in the condition collectors covet most.  This extraordinary collection features many of America's most famous and sought-after vintage coins. Every coin was made at least half a century ago, and some are guaranteed to be more than 100 years old. In addition, more than half the coins in the collection were struck in the beauty of 90% silver!


$75 per coin +$4.95 Shipping & Service each
2 Payments of $39.98

Reserve your collection today, before our uncirculated coin supply runs out!

Uncirculated, decades old coins are increasingly scarce. We have been able to assemble only a very limited number of collections -- and once they are gone, we may never be able to repeat this offer!

What's more, you will receive a handsome wooden display chest at no additional charge along with your second shipment. The chest contains spaces for each coin, making it the perfect way to store and protect your collection.

You may build your collection over time with our convenient payment plan. Coins will be shipped every other month and you may pay for each coin in 2 monthly installments. The price of each coin is subject only to possible adjustment if needed for unusual market conditions. Your deluxe display chest will arrive about the same time as your second coin.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. You may return any coin for replacement or refund and may cancel your collection at any time.

Product Information

  • 4532-0017

Product Specifications

Coins Included:

  • Morgan Silver Dollar (shown above)
  • Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar
  • Franklin Silver Half Dollar
  • 1909 Lincoln Penny (designed by Victor D. Brenner)
  • Peace Silver Dollar (shown above)
  • 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar (shown above)
  • Washington Silver Quarter
  • Buffalo Nickel (shown above)
  • Mercury Silver Dime
  • Indian Head Penny (shown above)
Display: Wooden display chest
Display size: 16-1/4" wide x 2-1/8" high x 10-1/4" deep.

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