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The Complete 2014 U.S. Coin Set

A magnificent treasury of every single coin released in 2014!

Order today and you'll receive not just one or two, but twelve never-circulated U.S. coins for each denomination minted for circulation in 2014! Each set of 12 coins arrives in a durable, clear, sealed Collector Roll designed to protect each coin's pristine condition.

Remember -- this is a COMPLETE collection! You'll receive all five of the quarter designs minted in 2014 as a tribute to our national parks and landmarks, and the four Presidential dollar designs created to honor U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover -- as well as the coveted Sacagawea Dollar! Each annual set will of course include all newly released designs and feature an updated facts page.

Included with this collection is a unique display case crafted to look like a hard-bound literary classic. The inside "cover" of this handsome case offers illustrations and facts regarding every coin design minted in 2014. A turn of the page reveals luxurious velvety, snug-fitting pockets that cradle your elegant and complete treasure.

These coins will NEVER BE MINTED AGAIN. Order today!

$129 +$9.80 Shipping & Service
4 Monthly Installments of $34.70

Product Information

  • 9867-0078

Product Specification

Coins Included: Every new coin design released by the U.S. Mint in 2014; one collector roll of each denomination.
Display: Handcrafted resembling a richly bound literary classic.
Display size: 4-5/8" wide x 6-3/4" tall x 2" deep (closed).
Item #: 9867-0078
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Over half of our profits support mental health research

The Stanley Family Foundation is the majority shareholder of our Company. This charitable organization funds research that would reduce the burden of serious mental illness. Top scientists in the field of genetics, stem cell biology and neurobiology rely on funding from The Stanley Family Foundation to finance their research. For further inquiry, contact us at
The Stanley Family Foundation
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