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Coca-Cola® Christmas Ornaments -
Your 1st One is FREE!

Your first ornament is FREE (you pay only $2.95 shipping and service) -- quite a value versus the regular price of $14.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service)!  This is just a first in a collection of extraordinary Coca-Cola® Christmas Ornaments featuring nostalgic Coke icons and images.

Whether it's a real snow globe or a dazzling bas-relief sculpture adorned with glitter, each unique ornament features cheery Coca-Cola® charm.

As a finishing touch, each ornament will arrive with a golden hanging cord, ready to hang on your Christmas tree.  What's more, a sturdy keepsake box to protect your complete collection throughout the year. It's included FREE of charge.

Remember, your first Coca-Cola Christmas Ornament is FREE (you pay only $2.95 shipping and service) -- a price you may never see again! 
There's no risk -- your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity.  Reply today!

You’ll receive additional Coca-Cola® Christmas Ornaments on approval at the rate of 2 per month at the regular price of $14.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service) each. You will enjoy our no-risk satisfaction guarantee. There is no obligation and no minimum purchase so you may cancel your collection at any time.

Ornaments measure up to 3-1/2" in height.
$0 +$2.95 Shipping & Service
1 Payment of $2.95
Limit - One per Household

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Product Information

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