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The Packers North Pole Fan Club

From the cheer-squad's joyful expressions to the textures of Santa's fur-lined outfit, there's so much to see and enjoy in The Packers North Pole Fan Club!

All the wonderful detail is faithfully preserved in cold-cast porcelain.  From the ribbon on a present and stitches on the footballs to the joyful expression on Santa's face, each wonderful detail helps bring this one-of-a kind sculpture to life!  To further capture the spirit and fun, our skilled artisans handpaint each sculpture in bright holiday and team colors...including, of course, green and gold!

This extraordinary sculpture is affordably priced at $99 plus $9.90 shipping and service, payable in three installments of just $36.30 each.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Measures 5" tall x 10" wide x 4-1/2" deep.

$99 +$9.90 Shipping & Service
3 Monthly Installments of $36.30

Product Information

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