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Glory Days Personalized Graduation Ring

The iconic “class ring” has always been the symbol of academic accomplishment a proud graduate shows to the world. And the moment the ring is worn for the first time is an uplifting one indeed. Now, the Danbury Mint is offering you the opportunity to honor your achievements with a customized, class-style ring featuring your name, graduation year and a generously sized simulated gemstone. 

The sides of the ring will be custom inscribed with your information above meticulously rendered images of a cap and diplomas. What’s more, the richly faceted stone in the ring’s center is dramatically surrounded by a galaxy of patriotic stars. What a timeless way to show pride in an important accomplishment!

To do justice to the impeccable craftsmanship of this handsome class ring, we’ll send it to you in our signature presentation box. Ideal for gift-giving and safekeeping, it’s yours at no additional charge.

Available in whole sizes 7 to 16.

$149 +$9 Shipping & Service
4 Monthly Installments of $39.50
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Name Stone Color Size Graduation Year
Ring Size Chart

Ring Size

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Click here to download our Ring Size Chart (pdf format)

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