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Jesus Sacred Heart - room
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An inspirational, hand-painted sculpture celebrating Christ's eternal love.
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Jesus Sacred Heart - room Jesus Sacred Heart - heart
Jesus Sacred Heart - mantel Jesus Sacred Heart - pray
Jesus Sacred Heart - base
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Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred of Heart of Jesus sculpture will bring faith-enriching inspiration to your home -- or to the home of someone dear to you. A tasteful way to proudly reaffirm your devotion while offering a visual celebration of the love and guiding goodness Jesus brought to the world.

Skillfully crafted in cold-cast porcelain, each 9" tall sculpture is lovingly hand painted to add striking depth and realism.  An old-world scroll unraveled at the base below the feet of Jesus offers a reassuring biblical passage: 

"With God, all things are possible" -- Matthew 19:26

As a finishing touch, a ruby-colored, heart-shaped Swarovski crystal representing the Sacred Heart is then added to create a sparkling focal point.  The result:  a beautifully unique depiction of Christ that will bring you both comfort and compliments!

Available only from the Danbury Mint.
Item Number: 9940-0012
$69 (plus $7.80 s&s)

2 Monthly Installments of $38.40

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