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Eyes of Love Stained Glass Portrait
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Eyes of Love Stained Glass Portrait

The magnificent original art fully captures the sweet nature of this much loved pet.  Perfectly complementing the wonderful portrait, a tender poem celebrates the special place dogs have in our lives.

You look at me with eyes of love;
You never hold a grudge...
You think I'm far too wonderful
To criticize and judge.

Placed before a sun-filled window, Eyes of Love bursts into brilliant, dazzling color.  The expert craftsmanship behind the stained glass seems even more impressive.  To achieve the classic stained glass style, each piece was individually crafted and laid into place. 

The handsome wooden frame adds a perfect final touch.  A cleverly designed stand and a convenient pair of hooks give you the choice to display Eyes of Love on a wall or on a table or shelf, where it will best catch the light.

14-1/2" tall x 11-1/2" wide.
Item Number: 4566-0016
$87 (plus $7.80 s&s)

3 Monthly Installments of $31.60

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