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The Complete Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Mint Mark Set

Now, you have the opportunity to acquire a spectacular and unprecedented collection of America's greatest silver dollars.

This collection includes Morgan dollars from all five U.S. Mints including rarely seen Morgan Silver Dollars from the Carson City and New Orleans Mints. These amazing coins were last struck over a century ago in two of the most famous and storied mints in U.S. history...and are especially coveted for their unique links to the "Wild West." Only about 2% of all Morgans were made in Carson City, making this coin the rarest in the series!

Also included are Peace Silver Dollars from all three U.S. Mints. These were America's silver dollars in the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression and they feature a stunning Art Deco design that reflected the dawn of the "modern" era of U.S. coinage.

$99.95 per coin +$4.95 Shipping & Service each
2 Monthly Installments of $52.46 (per coin)

A beautiful display included FREE!

Each silver dollar is encased in a crystal-clear showpack capsule that both preserves its condition and makes it safe to examine whenever you wish. In addition, you will receive a magnificent wooden display case to house your entire collection. The perfect showcase for your coins, it will be sent to you at no additional charge with your second shipment.

Price is subject only to possible adjustment if needed for unusual market conditions. You will receive one coin every other month.

Product Information

  • 2984-0014

Product Specifications:

Coins included: 10 Morgan Dollars from all 5 U.S. Mints
Display: Wooden Display
Display size: 15" long x 9" wide x 3" deep.