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Jose Hess Satchel

An exclusive designer handbag that will capture her heart!

From famed designer Jose Hess, the Danbury Mint presents a magnificent handbag that makes an unforgettable gift for your special someone. Custom crafted of supple faux leather, this satchel-style handbag features the signature pattern of Jose Hess. The fully lined interior includes multiple pockets to carry her wallet, cell phone and other day-to-day accessories. The detachable, adjustable shoulder strap provides extra versatility.
$119 +$7.80 Shipping & Service
4 Monthly Installments of $31.70
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As much as she’ll love the handbag, she’ll be thrilled by the finishing touch! A dangling charm featuring a heartfelt message and custom engraved with your names graces the handbag: “I loved you then, I love you still. I always have, I always will.” She’ll never be without her handbag. It’s the perfect accent for any attire, and it’s the perfect reminder of your love.  The personalized charm is yours FREE with purchase!

Product Information

  • 5158-0041
Shown much smaller than actual size of 16" wide by 14 ½" tall.