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Franklin Silver Half Dollars Crystal Collection - main
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Twelve historic American silver coins -- each over 50 years old -- presented in a superb "Liberty Bell" display.
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Franklin Silver Half Dollars Crystal Collection - main Franklin Silver Half Dollars Crystal Collection - detail
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Franklin Silver Half Dollars Crystal Collection

Honoring Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Silver Half Dollar was the first circulating U.S. coin to depict a real person other than a President...and the last coin series struck entirely in 90% pure silver.  This collection includes twelve different Franklin Silver Half Dollars; the last one issued more than 50 years ago in 1963!

Each Franklin Silver Half Dollar in this collection is presented in gently circulated condition -- an exceptional state of preservation considering their age, silver content and scarcity.

To enhance your collection experience, each coin is protectively encapsulated in a custom-made crystal panel with a dramatic beveled edge.  Crystal panels make the ideal showcase for these genuine American treasures...and allow you to examine both the front and back of all 12 coins without fear of damage.

You will also receive an outstanding Liberty Bell display at no additional charge.  The display also includes images representing Benjamin Franklin's most famous sayings and greatest contributions to history. 

This extraordinary collection can be yours for just $44.95 plus $2.95 shipping and service per coin and its accompanying crystal panel.  Coins will be shipped at the convenient and affordable rate of two every other month, although you may pay for just one coin each month.  The FREE display will be sent along with your second shipment.

Sculpture display measures 10" wide x 10" tall.

Item Number: 4349-0010
$44.95 (plus $2.95 s&s)

1 payment of $47.90
per coin and accompanying panel

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