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Brilliant Uncirculated U.S. Silver Dollars
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One of the historic silver dollars that you'll receive in your collection.

Brilliant Uncirculated U.S. Silver Dollars

Of all American silver coins, two stand head and shoulders above the rest; the magnificent Morgan Silver Dollar born in the heady days of silver, and the Peace Silver Dollar exemplifying the nation's hopes and dreams following the Great War. Here's a unique opportunity to acquire a collection of 28 historic silver dollars in premium, uncirculated condition.  Each coin is sonically sealed in an archival Presentation Case.

Each coin is $90 plus $4.90 shipping and service.  You will be billed in 2 monthly installments of $47.45 each.

Actual size of chest is 11 3/4" in width x 10 3/4" in depth x 8 3/4" in height.
Item Number: 3235-0902
$90 (plus $4.90 s&s)

2 Payment of $47.45 (per coin)

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