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Washington Silver Quarters

Spanning the years 1932-1964, the Washington quarter series is the longest unchanged silver coin series in American history.  Quarters issued during this time were minted in 90% silver, a level not seen in circulating U.S. coins ever since. Now, you can acquire the entire set of 32 magnificent coins, one from every year they were minted for circulation!

Each quarter in the series features a stately portrait of Washington on the front and the majestic American eagle with its wings outspread on the reverse.  Each is presented in circulated condition and specially sealed in a crystal clear, protective capsule, to preserve their splendor for generations to come.

As a special bonus, this stunning collection also features a gem-brilliant, uncirculated 1982 Washington Commemorative Silver Half-Dollar issued to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Washington's birth. The front of the coin portrays the statesman as soldier on horseback while the reverse showcases Mount Vernon, his beloved home. The perfect finishing touch to your collection, this impressive half-dollar is minted of 90% silver and included FREE with your final shipment.

To showcase your collection, a custom-crafted wooden display will arrive around the same time as your second shipment free of charge (you just pay $9 shipping and service). This luxurious case features an art print of "Washington Crossing the Delaware," and easily locks to ensure that your coins will remain safe and secure.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a complete collection of Washington Silver Quarters from every year they were minted, from 1932 through 1964 (none were minted in 1933).  Order today!

Display case measures 13" long x 13" wide x 3-1/4" high.

$39.90 +$3.90 Shipping & Service
1 Payment of $43.80 (for your first shipment of two coins)

Product Information

  • 9764-0015