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Indian Head Pennies Collection - open book display
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Opens to reveal an expertly written narrative detailing the history and significance of the Indian Head Penny.
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Indian Head Pennies Collection - open book display Indian Head Pennies Collection - closed book display
Indian Head Pennies Collection - Indian Head Penny front
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Indian Head Pennies Collection

The 25 coins in this collection are over 100 years old and were actually used by our forebears long ago.  All are in hand-selected gently circulated condition to assure the greatest value.  Each coin is individually encapsulated, allowing you the freedom to examine both the front and back without fear of damage. 

What's more, you will receive a deluxe faux-leather book-style display to house your entire collection.
The collection name is elegantly embossed on both the front and spine, and the cover opens to reveal the fascinating history of the Indian Head Penny.  You will receive this stylish book at no additional charge with your second shipment.

Each coin can be yours for just $12.95 plus $1.95 shipping and service per coin.  You will receive two coins each month, except for the final shipment which will include a single coin.

This may be your last chance to acquire your very own hoard that preserves a vital part of American heritage and history.  Order today!

Collection book measures 9" long x 7-1/4" wide x 2" deep (closed).

Item Number: 2916-0025
$12.95 (plus $1.95 s&s)

1 monthly installment of $14.90 for each coin.

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