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Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll - main
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Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll - main Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll - pendant
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Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll

An exquisite portrait doll of the world's most beloved film heroine.  A true-to-life porcelain work of art!

To commemorate the Titanic's 100th anniversary and the cinematic re-release of the much-beloved 1997 blockbuster film, the Danbury Mint is proud to present Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll.  This radiantly lifelike doll bears a breathtaking resemblance to Rose.  Our gifted artisans have meticulously sculpted the doll, crafted her entirely of porcelain, and carefully hand painted the doll's delicate facial features. 

Rose wears an exquisitely detailed replica of the unforgettable "jump" dress designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer, Deborah L. Scott.  True-to-life reproductions of the jewelry and shoes Rose wore with the dress will also be included with your doll.  What's more, a doll-sized replica of the famous "Heart of the Ocean" pendant from the film will be included at no additional charge.

Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and since each doll will be made to order, production cannot be rushed. Order today!

Actual size of doll is 16" in height.

Item Number: 2424-0012
$159 (plus $9 s&s)

4 Monthly Installments of $42

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