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Winter Gathering by Bob Guge
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This extraordinary sculpture will look great wherever you choose to display it.
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Winter Gathering by Bob Guge Winter Gathering by Bob Guge - detail
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Winter Gathering by Bob Guge

A strikingly realistic, hand-painted sculpture from five-time world champion carver, Bob Guge!

The vibrant plumage of the handsome blue jay and purple finch brighten the snowy scene.  And just look at the intricate coloration of the speckled downy woodpecker with his bright red crown...or the way the handsome nuthatch leans forward on the branch.

Preserving the wealth of detail, Winter Gathering is meticulously crafted of cold-cast porcelain.  To further achieve the lifelike realism, skilled artisans painstakingly hand paint the sculpture in vibrant hues found in nature.  Exquisitely detailed on all sides, the realistically posed birds provide a different perspective from every angle, giving you something new to admire with each viewing. 

As an exquisite finishing touch, Winter Gathering is showcased on a handsome wooden base with a rich walnut finish.

Measures 6-1/2" tall x 15-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" deep.
Item Number: 1534-0011
$99 (plus $9.90 s&s)

3 Monthly Installments of $36.30

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