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The Perfect Perch - main
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The Perfect Perch - main The Perfect Perch - note
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The Perfect Perch

Each enchanting figurine comes to life in a sculpture crafted of cold-cast porcelain.  Each bird and butterfly is fitted with a magnet so you can arrange and rearrange them whenever and however you wish.  They're also perfect for placing paper notes right where you'll see them (see right) -- turning the metal birdhouse display into a stunning, yet practical, message center!

Awash with colorful blossoms that recall the subtle beauty of impressionist art, the three-dimensional birdhouse display rests upon a Lazy Susan base.  This allows viewing from every angle, continuously revealing the rich variety of winged beauties portrayed in this collection.

Each figurine is priced at only $12.95 plus $1.95 shipping and service.  You will receive and pay for a shipment of two birds and one butterfly each month.  What's more, the charming birdhouse display is included FREE for showcasing your new winged friends (you need only pay $9 shipping and service).

Display measures 15-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" deep x 9" wide.
Item Number: 1286-0011
$38.85 (plus $5.85 s&s)

1 Payment of $44.70
(per shipment of 2 bird figurines and 1 butterfly figuriine)

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