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Forever Family Personalized Birthstone Pendant

Knowing how uniquely precious every member of your family is to mom, our gifted jewelry designers have created a gift you can personalize just for her.

The front of the gleaming 14kt gold-plated pendant is decorated with a delicate vine that blossoms with a captivating selection of birthstones -- up to six Swarovski® crystals you personally choose to represent mom's loved ones!  Further personalizing the pendant, the back is elegantly inscribed with the names you provide to match each birthstone. Your pendant will be individually custom-made depending on the number of names you select. For an eye-catching touch, the bale is accented with a pair of glittering diamonds.

Arrives in our signature presentation pouch, perfect for gift-giving and safekeeping.  It's yours at no additional charge.  A matching 18-inch, 14kt gold-plated chain is also included.

Pendant measures approximately 1" in length.
Chain measures 18" in length. 

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$87 +$7.50 Shipping & Service
3 Monthly Installments of $31.50

Select up to 6 genuine birthstones and type in the corresponding names next to each birthstone (limit 10 characters per name).  The design of your pendant will be determined by the number of names you choose. 
If you need help or would like to order by phone, please call customer service at 1-800-243-4664.

Enter names with the first letter capitalized only (this how they will be engraved), unless a name includes two capital letters (e.g."MaryAnn"), in which case enter the name with capital and lower-case letters accordingly.


Name Birthstone
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Allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipment. 

Product Information

  • 2350-0010