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M.I. Hummel Angel Waterglobes - Angel Duet
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Angel Duet plays "Silent Night."
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M.I. Hummel Angel Waterglobes - Angel Duet M.I. Hummel Angel Waterglobes - Christmas Song
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M.I. Hummel Angel Waterglobes

A collection of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel’s best loved angel figurines showcased in crystal-clear, water-filled glass globes. Gently shake the globe and you’ll see a “heavenly” swirl of sparkling glitter. In addition, wind the key on the bottom and a precision MUSICAL movement plays a beloved tune, a different one for each waterglobe!

You will be thrilled to see how all the charm of the original figurine is captured through expert sculpting and that even the tiniest details are lovingly hand-painted in the same warm, earthy tones favored by Sister Hummel. Each base is hand painted and decorated with motifs that complement the angel figurines perfectly. As your assurance of authenticity, the base features the legendary M.I. Hummel signature.

Each waterglobe measures 5-1/2" in height.
Item Number: 4206-0020
$39.99 (plus $5.95 s&s)

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