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The Personalized Birthstone Heart Pendant

Our designers topped their own high standards with this exceptionally lovely design.

It features a graceful heart-shaped 14kt gold-plated pendant hand set with 11 radiant Swarovski crystal birthstones of your choice.  Next, her name is artfully inscribed on the front of the pendant below a genuine sparkling diamond. 

As the perfect finishing touch, the heartfelt sentiment "I Love You" is delicately inscribed on the back of the pendant for her to wear close to her heart.

The pendant comes complete with an 18-inch 14kt gold-plated chain.  For elegant memorable gift-giving, the pendant arrives in our signature gift box along with a touching gift note to warm her heart -- both at no additional charge.

Pendant measures 1" in length.
Chain measures 18" in length.
$78 +$7.50 Shipping & Service
3 Monthly Installments of $28.50
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