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M.I. Hummel - Only for You
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M.I. Hummel Figurine - Only For You

This cute little boy and his puppy are delivering a sweet gift to someone special.  You can see from the expression on the lad's face that he's filled with excitement and anticipation...but he's feeling suddenly shy, too.  What should he say when that special someone opens the door?

Only for You is expertly sculpted by the world-famous M.I. Hummel artisans and meticulously crafted of fine earthenware.  Each figurine is skillfully hand painted in the warm, muted hues favored by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel.  As your assurance of authenticity, this figurine features both the iconic bottomstamp and fabled M.I. Hummel incised signature, identifying this figurine as a genuine M.I. Hummel treasure.

Supplies are limited.  Order today.

Measures 5-3/4" in height.

Item Number: 4478-0013
$359 (plus $7.80 s&s)

5 Monthly Installments of $73.36

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