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Lielou by Steiff
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Lielou by Steiff

This precious, playful and endearing little Pug displays all the hallmarks of an original handcrafted Steiff masterpiece.

Lielou is handmade from the softest alpaca wool, renowned for its luxurious silky quality.  The dog's expressive features are all incredibly lifelike.  Even Lielou's hand-stitched mouth faithfully captures the Pug's distinctive appearance.  This one-of-a-kind treasure features many special airbrushed details skillfully applied by Steiff artisans.  From Leilou's trademark fawn and black coat to the dog's jaunty curled tail, this Steiff pup reflects all the heartwarming charm that has made the Pug an American favorite.

Lielou sports the prized Steiff "Button-in-Ear" tag, ensuring that it is an authentic Steiff creation.  What's more, a specially designed dog-tag bearing the legendary Steiff logo accompanies the Pug, and is included at no additional charge.

Measures 12" tall.
Item Number: 2935-0014
$240 (plus $10 s&s)

4 Monthly Installments of $62.50

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