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Great Winter Whitetail Sculpture by Nick Bibby

As the frigid wind blows and the snow-capped pine tree branches bend,
the lone hunter anxiously reaches his spot by a flowing river.  Rifle in hand, his keen eyes scan the barren landscape for even the slightest movement.  Suddenly, he sees a kick of snow.  Could this be his lucky day?  He barely adjusts his spotting scope, when a breathtaking 10-point beauty jumps into sight.  Steadying his rifle, he squeezes off a single shot…this prize buck won’t escape!

Meticulously crafted of cold-cast porcelain to capture the awesome power of this wonderful creature, then hand-painted to absolute perfection.

Actual size is 12" in width.

$87 +$9.90 Shipping & Service
3 Monthly Installments of $32.30
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Product Information

  • 7282-0038