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Shirley Temple Antique Doll

The first-ever, all porcelain reproduction of a 1930s Shirley Temple doll!

  • The Shirley Temple Antique Doll is molded from an actual 1930s Shirley Temple play doll. The doll is crafted from head to toe of fine porcelain, to capture every adorable detail of the original 1930s "composition" doll. This rare, highly sought-after collectible has not been available in more than 10 years!
  • She wears a hand-tailored re-creation of the original 1930s doll's pink dress, which was inspired by one of Shirley's costumes from the film, "Curly Top." You can raise the doll's arms and pose her showing off her full skirt -- just like little Shirley posed in the movie!
  • In addition, the doll comes complete with authentic reproductions of the 1930s accessories, from the dress tag to the Shirley Temple photograph and vintage Shirley Temple pin. Even the packaging is a delightful replica of the box that contained the original play doll! All these accessories are included at no extra charge!


Doll measures 14" in height.

$129 +$12 Shipping & Service
4 Monthly Installments of $35.25
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Product Information

  • 9831-0014