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Family Outing Sculpture
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Family Outing

To do justice to the original artwork, Family Outing is faithfully reproduced in cold-cast porcelain.  From the realistic expressions to the intricate textures of the ducklings' downy feathers and the father's rugged feet, this sculpture has all the features and charm of the striking duck family it portrays.

Skilled artisans hand paint each sculpture to expertly capture the elaborate coloration of the plumage and beaks.  The cattails and tree trunk are painted in true-to-life colors found in nature, and the blue water glistens as if actually catching the morning sunlight.  Adding the perfect finishing touch, each sculpture is mounted on a handsome wooden base.

Measures 7-1/2" tall x 7" wide.

Item Number: 4198-0012
$87 (plus $7.80 s&s)

3 Monthly Installments of $31.60

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