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Audubon Songbird Ornaments -
Your 1st One is FREE!

Receive your first Audubon Songbird Ornament for FREE (you just pay $2.95 shipping and service) -- quite a value versus the regular price of $12.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service). This is just a first in a collection of incredibly detailed songbird ornaments.

Each 3D ornament is sculpted of cold-cast porcelain skillfully hand painted, perfectly depicting the beauty and grace of some of the most popular songbirds. This magnificent collection will make you look twice -- the realistic detail that is captured in each ornament will make you think you're looking at a real bird. As a finishing touch, each ornament arrives with a golden hanging cord, ready to bring holiday spirit to your Christmas tree! What's more, you'll receive a sturdy keepsake box to protect your complete collection throughout the year. It's included FREE of charge!
$0 +$2.95 Shipping & Service
Limit - One per household
1 Payment of $2.95
(for shipping and service of your first ornament)


Don't miss this opportunity!

Take advantage of this extraordinary introduction for specially selected Audubon members and collectors! Remember, your first Audubon Songbird Ornament is FREE (you just pay shipping and service). There's no risk -- your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order today!

You’ll receive additional Audubon Songbird Ornaments on approval at the rate of 2 every other month at the regular price of $12.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service) each. You will enjoy our no-risk satisfaction guarantee. There is no obligation and no minimum purchase so you may cancel your collection at any time. Return any ornaments you don't love for replacement or refund.

Product Information

  • 9859-0045

Product Specification:

Actual size for each ornament shown is approximately 3" to 3-1/2" in height.