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Summer Elegance
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A fine porcelain sculpture capturing a vision of sophistication, glamour and grace.
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Summer Elegance Summer Elegance - turned view
Summer Elegance - side view
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Summer Elegance

A stunningly hand-painted sculpture in fine porcelain available exclusively from the Danbury Mint.

Summer Elegance captures all the charisma and mystique of this beautiful young woman, while preserving the wealth of detail that makes this sculpture so incredibly lifelike.  Each stunning detail is achieved through meticulous sculpting, giving you something new to marvel at with every viewing.

Summer Elegance is crafted entirely of fine porcelain and each sculpture is lovingly hand painted in rich, resplendent colors, giving you the shimmering hues of her hat, dress and shoes, and the perfect pink petals of the exquisite roses!  What's more, each individual rose is painstakingly formed and arranged by hand to create the perfect bouquet.

Measures 8-1/2" tall x 3-3/4" wide.

Item Number: 4572-0018
$79 (plus $7.80 s&s)

2 Monthly Installments of $43.40

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