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Miracle Orchids

A dozen perfect orchids.
Real flowers – that will last for years! The orchid is an alluring and captivating flower - a symbol of beauty, luxury and love. Thanks to the ingenious sealed elliptical glass vase, these exotic orchids will not fade. Make no mistake – these are not artificial flowers! They’re real – just take a look at the stunning petals. A special technique preserves not only the color and shape, but also the elegance and beauty of the blooms for your enjoyment now, and for years to come.

An exquisite arrangement.
What a difference this long-lasting bouquet will make to any room! Just imagine the years of enjoyment you will get from this beautiful bouquet every time you look at it. No matter where you display it, you’re bound to receive compliments. The dozen orchid flowers have been carefully arranged within the glass vase and sealed with a permanent air-tight lid. The classic elliptical shape of the vase showcases the bouquet perfectly – you can see each lilac and purple-colored petal in perfect detail. What’s more, see how the bouquet has been tied at the base with fine, lilac netting and a ribbon tied in a pretty bow.

Vase is approximately 10" tall.
$99 +$7.50 Shipping & Service
3 Monthly Installments of $35.50

Product Information

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