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M.I. Hummel Figurine - It's My Turn
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M.I. Hummel Figurine - It's My Turn

This soccer-loving boy has a tireless playmate in his beloved pup.  Best friends, they've spent the morning hard at play, practicing the game they both love so much.  But now it's time for this little boy to head off to play soccer with his schoolmates, and leave his fun-loving pup behind!  Let's hope this pup heeds the boy's command to "Stay!"

Beautifully sculpted of fine earthenware by the renowned artist of M.I. Hummel, each figurine is then expertly hand painted in the softly muted hues preferred by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel.  As your assurance of authenticity, It's My Turn bears both the world-famous M.I. Hummel trademark and legendary bottomstamp.

Measures 5-1/4" in height.
Item Number: 4107-0012
$419 (plus $7.80 s&s)

5 Monthly Installments of $85.36

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