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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sculpture
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The FREE display rotates for easy viewing of the collection.
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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sculpture Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sculpture - half dollar sample

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sculpture

This elegant new collection showcases twelve of these classic, 90% pure silver coins shining in an incredibly detailed sculptural salute to our magnificent Statue of Liberty.  The coins themselves are individually sealed in crystal-clear capsules to fully preserve their beauty for future generations.  These capsules are then set into elegant faux-marble panels that fit securely into the base of the display.

In addition to the highly-detailed sculpture of Lady Liberty, the display also features a rotating lazy-susan design making it viewable from every angle.  With its incredible detail and gleaming torch accented with 24kt gold, this sculptural tribute to the Statue of Liberty is a true heirloom in the making.  It's yours FREE as part of the collection; you pay only $9.90 shipping and service.

This landmark collection of twelve stunning, gently circulated Walking Liberty Half Dollars together with the magnificent sculptural display is a truly inspiring celebration of our great legacy of freedom.
Each coin can be yours for just $42.95 plus $2.95 shipping and service per coin.  You will receive two stunning 90% silver coins every other month, and pay for only one per month.  Your display will arrive with your second shipment.

The sculpture measures 11" in height; the base measures 7-1/4" across.
Item Number: 9863-0015
$85.90 (plus $5.90 s&s)

2 Monthly Installments of $45.90 (per coin)

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.