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The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set - open set
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The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set - open set The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set  - open book
The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set - closed The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set - dollars
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The Complete 2013 U.S. Coin Set - FINAL OFFER!

A magnificent treasury of every single coin released in 2013!

Order today and you'll receive not just one or two, but twelve never-circulated U.S. coins for each denomination minted for circulation in 2013!  Each set of 12 coins arrives in a durable, clear, sealed Collector Roll designed to protect each coin's pristine condition. 

Remember -- this is a COMPLETE collection!  You'll receive all five designs of the quarter designs minted in 2013 as a tribute to our national parks and landmarks, and the four Presidential dollar designs created to honor U.S. Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson -- as well as the coveted Sacagawea Dollar!  Each annual set will of course include all newly released designs and feature an updated facts page.

Included with this collection is a unique display case crafted to look like a hard-bound literary classic.  The inside "cover" of this handsome case offers illustrations and facts regarding every coin design minted in 2013.  A turn of the page reveals luxurious velvety, snug-fitting pockets that cradle your elegant and complete treasure. 

These coins will NEVER BE MINTED AGAIN.  Order today!

Display case measures 5" wide x 2" deep x 7" tall.
Item Number: 9867-0060
$129 (plus $9.80 s&s)

4 Monthly Installments of $34.70

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